SHAMISEN SINGS workshop, open to congress participants / stakeholders, will present the project's key results and gather feedback on mobile APP proposals to enhance citizen participation in radiation measurements and health studies

Chairs: Liudmila Liutsko, Adelaida Sarukhan & Elisabeth Cardis, IsGlobal

Description: This workshop will present progress made by the EU-funded SHAMISEN SINGS project. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders (including the general population), the project aims to 1) identify needs of stakeholders in terms of dosimetric monitoring, health surveillance, information and communication; 2) review existing APPS and devices addressing these issues; and 3) suggest improvements to existing tools that could be used widely or, if necessary, specify the requirements for new ones to respond to the needs of populations affected by nuclear accidents. The ethical challenges and implications of the use of such tools for citizen science are considered. Participants will be expected to contribute to the discussion of feedback on the proposals presented in the workshop.