Workshop: Enhancing stakeholder participation in the governance of radiological risks for improved radiation protection and informed decision making: ENGAGE workshop OPEN to all RICOMET participants

Moderator: Bieke Abelshausen, SCK•CEN

ENGAGE workshop OPEN to all RICOMET participants

The H2020 project CONCERT-ENGAGE aims at clarifying the rationales and frameworks for engagement in radiation protection issues;  the real or potential engagement that can be observed in practice; and the role of radiation protection culture in facilitating stakeholder engagement. Based on the aforementioned, ENGAGE will provide policy recommendations for stakeholder engagement in relation to medical exposures to ionizing radiation, post-accident response and recovery, and exposures to indoor radon.

This workshop invites participants to discuss, drawing on their experiences, expectations and the results of the ENGAGE project so far, the following questions: What recommendations can be made for policy-makers, researchers and practitioners, relating to the practice of stakeholder engagement in radiation protection? What form should the recommendations take? and How can such recommendations be made more effective?