The art and culture of the radiological protection

Chairs: Susan Molyneux-Hodgson, University Of Exeter & Michiel Van Oudheusden, SCK-CEN

Invitation: This panel observes radiological protection through the lenses of creative and oral history, multimedia art techniques, visual representation, film, photography, sculpture, and sensory experiences other than the visual. Bringing together artists and researchers from across and beyond the nuclear sciences and technologies, its aim is to provide a vibrant and dynamic setting for wide-ranging transdisciplinary research and lively debates on the following questions:

  • How do artists and creative scholars engage with radiological protection?
  • What can radiological protection research learn from art and film – and vice versa?
  • What types of discussion emerge from these narrations and representations, and how are they similar to, and different from, those initiated by conventional research publications, such as academic texts?
  • Which approaches, methods and theories are most generative for research in/on radiological protection?

We invite creative presentations, such as documentaries, soundtracks, and multisensory interactive methods that engage with one or more of the above questions and open space for joint consideration of the art and culture of the radiological.