Holistic Approach on the Management of Long-Term Exposure situations

Chairs: SIMON CORNU Marie, IRSN & Horst Monken Fernandes, IAEA

Abstract invitation: Management of contaminated sites that can lead to long-term environmental exposures to radiation covers a wide range of situations including sites contaminated by NORM, former sites that hosted nuclear facilities, former uranium production sites and even sites affected by nuclear or radiological accidents. These sites are designated as existing exposure situations in the scope of the prevailing international standards and due to their long-lasting exposure characteristics decisions on end-states, future use and clean-up levels will demand the engagement of different stakeholders in a sometimes long and arduous process of decision-making provided that different approaches can be made available. In this session, we intend to discuss how this process has been (or could be) implemented in different circumstances, the existing gaps and challenges to be dealt with by scientists,  practitioners, regulators, decision and policy-makers.