Early career researchers in the field of social science and humanities related to ionizing radiation

Chairs: Ferdiana Hoti, SCK•CEN,  Sergi Lopez Asensio, CIEMAT & Yevgeniya Tomkiv, NMBU

Abstract invitation: This panel understands itself as a space for and with early career researchers which aims to stimulate reflection and discussion in ionizing radiation for all researchers. The main goals are to create a platform for early-career researchers to discuss, share and reflect on research related to ionizing radiation and what doing research in ionizing radiation entails; how to deal with specificities and challenges of this field; share practices and stakes of building bridges between soft and hard sciences as well as the public; reflect on the social stakes that might that their research might entail; discuss practices on methodologies to deal with research on ionizing radiation in social sciences as well as talk about the existing uncertainties and the ways to communicate about them amongst different stakeholders and the public. Therefore, we call for abstracts from early-career researchers on the above-mentioned aspects of ionizing radiation in order to discuss different topics of presentation, create a network and put the work of early-career researchers on spotlight as well as discuss different aspects that research in this field entails.