Communication about indoor radon and stakeholder engagement in a radon national plan

Chairs: Olga German, IAEA & James  Mc Laughlin, European Radon Association)

Abstract Invitation: Exposure to indoor radon is one of the main causes of lung cancer worldwide. The World Health Organization recommended in 2005 that comprehensive radon programmes should be developed. The the European Basic Safety Standards directive (2013/59/EURATOM)  as well as revised General Safety Requirements of the IAEA, GSR Part 3 (IAEA, 2014) require from Member States to develop National Action Plans to address long-term risks from radon exposures. Among others, these plans should include the development of a “strategy for communication to increase public awareness and inform local decision makers, employers and employees of the risks of radon, including in relation to smoking“.

This session invites presentations about ongoing radon communication plans, their challenges, effectiveness and recommendations for successful radon communication and stakeholder engagement lead to conducted radon measurements and mitigation actions.